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Live Music Entertainment

Live Radio Network, All Live Radio Format, Music Merchandise & The Merch Stand in The Vending Lot & Live Music Events, Festivals, Excursion & Destination.

News & Media, Live Events, Live Radio Network, Music Division, Modern Technology, Retail Outlets & Non Profit
Corporate Responsibility

‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’ – Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney

Corporate responsibility is a critical aspect of ethical business conduct, encompassing the obligations of companies to operate in a manner that benefits society while minimizing harm to the environment and stakeholders.

However, throughout history, some companies have exploited legal loopholes, particularly the interpretation of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which grants equal protection under the law to persons, to further their own interests.

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Live Radio Network

Where Every Song Played Are The Live Versions!

Music Division


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