SCA Sunset Unveils MetalMania Live, The Ultimate Destination for Live Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Music

SCA Sunset, a leading name in radio broadcasting, proudly announces the launch of MetalMania Live, its sixth all-live radio station dedicated to the electrifying world of heavy metal and hard rock music.

MetalMania Live Radio Station is set to revolutionize the way fans experience their favorite genres by exclusively featuring live versions of iconic tracks. Whether it’s the bone-shaking riffs of Metallica, the powerhouse vocals of Iron Maiden, or the intense stage presence of Black Sabbath, MetalMania Live promises to deliver the raw energy and adrenaline rush of live performances directly to listeners’ ears.

“For die-hard fans of heavy metal and hard rock, there’s nothing quite like the experience of being in the crowd, feeling the pulse of the music, and feeding off the energy of the band,” said Don Lichterman at SCA Sunset. “With MetalMania Live, we aim to recreate that electrifying atmosphere 24/7, providing fans with an endless stream of live performances from their favorite artists.”

MetalMania Live Radio Station boasts a diverse lineup of live tracks spanning decades of heavy metal and hard rock history. From classic hits to underground gems, listeners can expect a curated selection that celebrates the genre’s rich heritage while also spotlighting emerging talent and up-and-coming bands.

“We’re thrilled to expand our portfolio of all-live radio stations with the addition of MetalMania Live,” added Don Lichterman. “This station is a haven for metalheads and rock enthusiasts alike, offering a one-of-a-kind listening experience that captures the essence of live music like never before.”

MetalMania Live Radio Station is now available for streaming worldwide, inviting fans to crank up the volume, raise their horns, and immerse themselves in the relentless energy of live heavy metal and hard rock. Tune in and prepare to unleash your inner headbanger!

MetalMania Live Radio Show is also Unleashing the Fury Every Friday Night on MetalMania Live. Dedicated to one of the most iconic and influential bands in heavy metal history, Metallica Live Radio Show promises fans an electrifying journey through the band’s extensive catalog of live performances, spanning decades of groundbreaking music and unforgettable moments.

Every Friday night, listeners can tune in to MetalMania Live Radio Station and immerse themselves in the raw power and unbridled energy of Metallica’s legendary live shows. From blistering solos to thunderous rhythms, each episode of the Metallica Live Radio Show is carefully curated to showcase the band’s unparalleled talent and stage presence.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Metallica Live Radio Show as part of our programming lineup on MetalMania Live” said Don Lichterman, [Title] at SCA Sunset. “Metallica is not just a band; they’re a cultural phenomenon, and their live performances are the stuff of legends. With this show, we aim to celebrate their legacy and give fans an opportunity to experience the magic of Metallica’s music in a whole new way.”

The Metallica Live Radio Show will feature a diverse array of live recordings, including rare gems, fan favorites, and epic concert moments captured from around the globe. Whether it’s the ferocious intensity of “Master of Puppets,” the anthemic roar of “Enter Sandman,” or the epic grandeur of “One,” listeners can expect nothing short of a sonic onslaught that pays homage to Metallica’s enduring legacy.

In addition to showcasing Metallica’s live performances, the show will also delve into behind-the-scenes stories, exclusive interviews, and insights from the band members themselves, offering fans a deeper understanding of the music and the men behind it.

“Metallica Live Radio Show is more than just a radio program; it’s a celebration of metal music’s most iconic band,” added Don Lichterman. “Whether you’re a longtime Metallica fan or a newcomer to their music, this show is guaranteed to ignite your passion for heavy metal and leave you craving more.”

Metallica Live Radio Show airs every Friday night on MetalMania Live Radio Station, bringing the thunderous fury of Metallica’s live performances directly to your speakers. Tune in, crank up the volume, and prepare to ride the lightning with Metallica like never before!

Full Set Saturdays: A Marathon of Live Metal Madness on MetalMania Live. This Saturday and every subsequent Saturday thereafter, Full Set Saturdays will take listeners on an epic journey through the archives of live metal performances, presenting complete sets from some of the genre’s most legendary bands and artists.

“For metalheads craving the unbridled intensity and immersive experience of live performances, Full Set Saturdays is the ultimate destination,” said Don Lichterman, [Title] at SCA Sunset. “We’re excited to curate a marathon of metal mayhem that showcases full sets from iconic bands, allowing fans to relive the magic of these unforgettable concerts from the comfort of their own homes.”

Full Set Saturdays will feature complete live performances from a diverse lineup of metal titans, spanning the spectrum from classic acts to contemporary favorites. Whether it’s the blistering fury of Slayer, the epic theatrics of Iron Maiden, or the relentless aggression of Pantera, listeners can expect a non-stop barrage of headbanging anthems and spine-tingling solos.

“Each Saturday, we’ll dive deep into the vaults to unearth hidden gems and iconic moments from metal’s storied history,” added [Don Lichterman. “From legendary festivals to intimate club shows, Full Set Saturdays will capture the essence of live metal in all its raw, unfiltered glory.”

In addition to showcasing complete live sets, Full Set Saturdays will also feature commentary and insights from metal experts, offering listeners behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and context to enhance their appreciation of the music and the artists who create it.

“Full Set Saturdays is more than just a radio show; it’s a celebration of metal culture and community,” continued Don Lichterman. “Whether you’re a seasoned metal veteran or a newcomer to the scene, this weekly event promises to unite fans in their shared love for the music and the electrifying energy of live performances.”

MetalMania Live invites metalheads from around the globe to tune in to Full Set Saturdays and immerse themselves in a relentless onslaught of live metal madness. From classic concerts to contemporary spectacles, prepare to bang your head and raise your horns as we unleash the full force of live metal every Saturday!

For more information, visit MetalMania Live. For Metallica Live, Click Here for that Schedule!

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