World of Dance: First time in Nepal

The biggest World Championship of World Of Dance (WoD) produced by Jeniffer Lopez is now here in Nepal and the franchise is bought by Thunder Studios Pvt. ltd. Winner of both junior & team divisions will represent Nepal In WOD World Finals In California, USA on August 11-13 2023.

World Of Dance Nepal Championship Series in Nepal Schedule is below:

Digital Audition : 07th January 2023 To 07th March 2023.

Championship Nepal: 17th & 18th march 2023.

Championship Venue: Green Monkey Films Studio Nepal

World Finals: California, USA- August 11 To 14 2023

In a talk with Mr. Vijay Karki, Franchise holder Of World Of Dance Nepal, CEO of Thunder studios, discusses the history, present, and future of the dancing platform in Nepal. Karki has witnessed many changes in the industry since then. While dancing has existed as an art form and even a career since ancient times, it was not widely acknowledged as a mainstream ‘good’ career until recently. While Nepali culture and heritage have always cherished and valued dance, the current advancement in the acceptability of dance as a job has certainly been amazing.

Dance is not merely a hobby, nor is it limited to girls; today, from major cities to small communities, there is a lot greater awareness of dance. People now have the opportunity and access to turn their passion into a career.” said Mr. karki.

Hence, Karki said that the dance business has seen considerable transformation in the last few decades, and this global development is the primary reason why dance as a career is more accepted in India today. Today, dance is more than just a recreational activity.

 Globalization and Digital Nepal are bringing the world closer together. As a result, the World of Dance has become more cohesive, with Nepal playing an important role. . The more people Participate and realise that there are hundreds of professionals all over the world who make a living as dancers, the more easily this field is regarded as a legitimate vocation by the general public.

He claims that there are many good artists in Nepal who have great skills and potential. They are also preparing to compete on a global scale and the number of local outlets for dancers is rapidly expanding.

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