Women Who Are Setting Examples with Their Leadership Skills

Do women have any frontiers they can’t cross? Female leaders are dismantling gender barriers and demonstrating that they can flourish in historically male-dominated fields by setting an example with their corporate leadership abilities. Their distinct viewpoint and a cooperative problem-solving strategy that is frequently characterised by empathy, ingenuity, and resilience are the keys to their success. In their leadership styles, women are also more inclined to value diversity, equity, and inclusion, which can result in more creative and sustainable business practises. The same is seen in the capable leadership of these women leaders, who are always challenging the status quo in business.

Anupama Katkar, Quick Heal Technologies Limited

Anupama Katkar is the driving force and chairperson of Quick Heal Foundation, which is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Quick Heal Technologies Limited. Her vision is to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Indians by empowering them in the areas of healthcare, cybersecurity awareness, and education through various initiatives of the foundation. For more than 25 years, she has been dedicated to the mission of “Securing Futures” that is forward-looking, sustainable, and driven.

Quick Heal Technologies Limited, a home-grown organization that has simplified security for millions, is the parent company of Quick Heal Foundation. With a goal to bring positive change to communities from within, the foundation led by her has been inspired by the impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives. Recently, under her visionary leadership, the foundation launched ‘Arogya Yan,’ a unique initiative aimed at improving healthcare services in India’s rural heartland. Mrs. Anupama Katkar is passionate about social work and philanthropy, and she believes in giving back to society through meaningful initiatives.

Zaiba Sarang, iThink Logistics

Zaiba Sarang is the Co-founder of iThink Logistics, managing the sales wing of the tech-enabled courier aggregation service that simplifies shipping and tracking by providing multiple courier partners on a single platform. Additionally, she represents iThink Logistics as the brand’s face. Zaiba’s motivation to create a business based on tech-powered solutions was inspired by her academic qualifications in two distinct fields: technology and business. Her computer science degree from Nagindas Khandwala College equipped her with an understanding of technology, while her diploma in entrepreneurial studies from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, under the Goldman Sachs Women’s Executive Education Program, boosted her business acumen. Furthermore, the Indian School of Business awarded her a certificate upon completion of the Goldman Sachs 10k Women Ambassador program.

Zaiba’s experience and knowledge in technology and business have been significant assets. Prior to co-founding iThink Logistics in 2017, she successfully co-founded Depasser Infotech, a company that delivers digital transformation and technology services to other firms. Her leadership at Depasser equipped her with the confidence and expertise required to operate a tech-enabled business. iThink Logistics has received recognition from YourStory as one of the Tech30 Startups in India, which named Zaiba a “go-getter” who believes in taking charge of her destiny. Through the platform, she adds innovative value to the logistics ecosystem by supporting e-commerce companies in India. Her goal is to lead iThink Logistics in the right direction and encourage her team to develop and maintain a high-quality logistics brand. Zaiba enjoys public speaking and shares her knowledge to motivate others to grow. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment and wants more women to be involved in the logistics ecosystem, leading the different departments and verticals at iThink.

Saroja Yeramilli, Melorra

Melorra is a D2C brand that specializes in designing lightweight, affordable, and fashionable jewelry for everyday wear. It was established in 2016 by Saroja Yeramilli, who is the company’s CEO and founder. Her passion for innovation and the desire to create modern, fine jewelry that meets the changing needs of today’s women led to the birth of Melorra. Saroja’s leadership has been instrumental in securing one of India’s largest seed fund rounds (5 million) and achieving a revenue of Rs 360 crores in just five years. Through her efforts, Saroja has transformed the perception of jewelry and made Melorra a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Sakshi Vij, Myles

Myles, India’s pioneer self-drive service, was launched in November 2013 by Sakshi Vij, who serves as its Founder and CEO. Leveraging her more than 13 years of experience in the personal mobility industry in India, Sakshi has transformed her expertise into a thriving business venture. In her current role, Sakshi leads Myles’ strategy, planning, and direction. Sakshi is a graduate of several prestigious institutions, including the Harvard Business School, ESSEC Business School in Paris, IIM-Ahmedabad, and the SP Jain Center of Management in Dubai-Singapore. Equipped with these distinguished educational credentials, she explored various career options before launching Myles.

Krutika Lal, Aretto

Krutika Lal is the co-founder and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Aretto, a kid-focused footwear brand deep-rooted in technology. In her current capacity, Krutika is responsible for leading the marketing division and managing the brand’s marketing and sales initiatives, including budgeting, planning, development, and execution. Throughout her nearly decade-long career, Krutika has held senior leadership positions at both startups and established brands, including GroupM, Backpacker Panda, and Play Design Labs, before co-founding Aretto with Satyajit Mittal. Krutika is known for her entrepreneurial spirit, which is reflective of her goal-oriented approach to life from an early age. At Aretto, Krutika aims to create a community of millennial parents who are aware of, appreciate, and embrace the brand’s innovations. She plans to focus on millennial parents and Gen Alpha children as Aretto’s target audience and establish multiple brand intellectual properties that will continue to evolve over time.

Jyoti Dabas, FITTR and INFS

Jyoti Dabas is the Co- Founder of Fittr, one of the world’s largest online fitness & nutrition platforms and communities and CEO at INFS – India’s largest Online Fitness Certification Institute. As a founding member, her role is to uphold the quality of the courses offered by INFS and to ensure the company lives up to the expectations of the stakeholders. She aims to increase the number of quality Fitness Professionals in the country and create opportunities where these professionals can earn at par with other service industries.

An IIM-Calcutta alumna, Jyoti always knew that she is an entreprenur at heart. Having served more than seven years in the field of Banking and Consulting in London and India, she stepped out of her comfort zone to explore her interests in the Fitness Industry. Her short stint with a startup and as a freelancer in Corporate Wellness somehow connected the dots and led her to like-minded individuals to set the foundation for Fittr – The world’s largest online fitness & nutrition community. Leveraging her years of professional experience in analytics, critical thinking, problem solving, building consensus, and managing teams, Jyoti went ahead to set up INFS in 2016.

Vidhya M, Collabera Digital

Bold decision-making and result-oriented mindset are two core qualities that define the journey of Vidhya M, who is currently at the helm of Collabera Digital, serving as its Vice President and managing Digital Solutions and Global Delivery. With a passion for mentoring and developing future leaders, she is a role model for women in the tech industry, inspiring others to pursue careers in technology and break down barriers. As a seasoned 25-year experienced leader in the IT industry, Vidhya is known for her strategic mindset and ability to drive business growth and success. Throughout her career, Vidhya has demonstrated a unique ability to think beyond the present and anticipate future trends, allowing her to make informed decisions that drive results.

Her dedication to delivering innovative solutions and ensuring employee and client satisfaction has made her a sought-after leader in the tech industry, and her ability to balance long-term vision with short-term goals has earned her a reputation as a true business builder. She strongly believes in corporate social responsibility and has been an active participant in various diversity programs and communities. Her unwavering commitment to giving back has earned her recognition as a leader who not only drives business results but also positively impacts society.

Aanchal Chaudhary, mFilterIt

A seasoned human resources leader, Aanchal Chaudhary currently holds the position of Human Resources Manager and has taken progressive steps to establish exceptional HR policies and practices. Her efforts have significantly contributed to the enhancement of employee engagement and retention within the organization. Aanchal’s role as the Human Resources Manager involves the formulation, execution, and supervision of HR strategies, policies, and programs. She possesses expertise in diverse HR functions, such as talent acquisition, performance appraisal, compensation, and benefits management.

By optimizing HR procedures, she has assisted mFilterIt in decreasing expenses while simultaneously elevating productivity. Aanchal’s contributions to mFilterIt’s positive work culture have been vital. She has implemented a range of initiatives such as employee well-being programs, training and development sessions, and employee engagement events, leading to elevated employee satisfaction and retention. Her dedication towards providing an enriching employee experience is evidenced by her constant endeavor to improve the work environment.

Paving the way for future generations of women, female business leaders of today are inspiring others to challenge gender norms and pursue their ambitions. Their success is a testament to the fact that gender should not limit one’s potential and that the world can benefit greatly from the full participation and leadership of women.

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