Why Ruto’s Move to Isolate Raila Internationally Will Backfire – Analysts

The persistence and consistency of Azimio Leader Raila Odinga to keep the government in check has seen key political figures in Kenya Kwanza hatch ploys to tame the opposition chief.

President William Ruto’s government resorted to threatening international sanctions on Odinga should he continue with his anti-government protest rallies.

Some of Ruto allies like the vocal Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei want Odinga’s privileges slashed for undermining the Kenya Kwanza regime.

“Kenya should suspend annual African Union(A.U) subscription until the full amount of money that Tinga used of 2B as an envoy of infrastructure. Next will be the removal of privileges of the office of the former Prime Minister eg cars, security, office,” he affirmed.

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga addressing residents in Kakamega on February 25, 2023

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga addressing residents in Kakamega on February 25, 2023


Raila Odinga

Odinga on his part has maintained that Ruto’s government is illegitimate and that his victory was snatched at the polls.

His overtures have seen him give the government a 14-day ultimatum to reduce the cost of living failure to which the country will be engulfed in mass action. sought the opinion of political and governance experts on the implications of such a move.

Edwin Kegoli a political analyst, revealed that such a move would not impact Odinga as he had a thick political skin to survive.

“What would it cost Odinga if he is not to fly out or be treated as a special person abroad?” he paused.

“Odinga has been through worse in his political journey and such a move by the government would only embolden him and heighten his activities,” he added.

According to Kegoli, this is just a gimmick to embarrass and humiliate Odinga.

His sentiments were however refuted by Javas Bigambo who opined that Odinga was now facing a shrewd, tactful, persuasive and quick-footed politician in President Ruto.

“Odinga is a ferocious campaigner and political tactician, who has always made moves to survive and reinvent himself, however, he is also facing off with a shrewd opponent in Ruto,” he stated.

“It is easy to tell that termination of Raila’s AU job was influenced. Raila is working hard to soil his credibility. He needs to have substantive grounds upon which to stand.

Secondly, he is being profiled as chaos oriented. He needs to front his claims with evidence for credibility. The lack of evidence is what made Supreme Court dismiss his claims as hot air,” he added.

Furthermore, according to governance and political analyst Martin Andati, Odinga had sent shivers in the Ruto administration.

“The Ruto administration is panicking about the activities of Raila hence resorting to sanctioning strategies. This gives Raila more impetus to push harder as it means he is making serious headway,” he observed.

Kenya Kwanza leaders are adamant that Odinga’s international recognition stand to suffer greatly if he continued with his threats against the government.

“It is not unusual for governments across the world to place sanctions on individuals and organisations with a high appetite for causing political and economic instability,” Belgut MP Nelson Koech revealed.

According to Koech, the globalisation of markets and production means the international community has insurable interests in Kenya’s political and economic stability.

Odinga has since declared that the government has 11 days to act on his ultimatum on the cost of living.

Azimio principals led by Raila Odinga at Jevanjee garden during the National Prayer Day on February 22, 2023

Azimio principals led by Raila Odinga at Jevanjee garden during the National Prayer Day on February 22, 2023


Raila Odinga

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