We want globalisation of locals, not localisation of globals: Sikkim CM at G20

Gangtok: Sikkim initiated G20 events in Sikkim on Thursday with Business B20 meeting on the topic ‘opportunities for multilateral business partnership in tourism, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and organic farming’ at Chintan Bhawan in Gangtok.

The inaugural session was attended by Sikkim’s Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay, along with Rupa Dutta, Principal Economic Advisor of the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. Representatives from NITI Aayog, the External Affairs Ministry, the G20 Secretariat, and CII North East Council were also present at the session.

During his speech at the B20 meeting, CM Golay talked about the concept of “globalisation of locals as against localisation of globals.” He stated that the globalization process has been one-sided so far, with a focus on localizing globals, and that Sikkim aims to reverse this trend.

Rather than relying on traditional models of foreign direct investment or domestic investments, the Sikkim CM proposed a new framework for fully-owned or joint ventures. This framework would focus on areas such as technology transfer, the supply of raw materials, infrastructure development (such as cold chains), professional participation, expertise provision, finance, marketing, value chains, and research and development.

During the B20 meeting, Sikkim CM Golay urged delegates from both B20 and G20 to support and invest in making Sikkim a green agroecological destination for the world. He emphasized the need for green technology that can increase productivity and yield in Sikkim’s limited farmlands, most of which are owned by small and marginal farmers.

CM Golay proposed exploring the possibility of fair trade principles and value chain arrangements that can provide remunerative prices to farmers at the farm gates in rural areas of Sikkim. He also highlighted the importance of creating value addition and processing facilities within the state, in order to establish an organic niche.

Sikkim has a variety of indigenous seeds and plants, and CM Golay stressed the need to build capacity among new-generation farmers and train them on newer methods of organic farming. He called for the establishment of interdisciplinary institutions that deal with training, research, experimentation, productivity enhancement, processing, marketing, and other areas to promote organic culture.

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