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MATRIXX Software, a global provider of 5G monetisation solutions, has released a white paper entitled “Monetising the Cloud-Based Network,” in partnership with Google Cloud. The white paper presents key findings from a global survey of communication service providers (CSPs), conducted by Heavy Reading, highlighting the industry’s transformation to the cloud and progression toward 5G monetisation.

Cloud deployment continues to be a top focus for CSPs of every size around the world. The research confirms the industry does not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all monetisation strategy for the cloud, reinforcing that operators must approach their cloud migration with flexibility both in mindset and operational design. Though 77% of CSPs are considering a hybrid cloud model, there continues to be significant investment made in dedicated private clouds and purely public cloud environments. 

CSPs are prioritising the migration of 5G API-based applications, 5G core network functions and data platforms to the cloud. The migration of API-based applications mimics hyperscaler operations, while network functions and data platforms in the cloud reflect CSPs’ vision to streamline elements that are central to innovating their market offers. Nearly one-third of CSPs are also prioritising transforming their OSS/BSS and charging, recognising that current legacy operations and monetisation processes are ill-suited for the agility and innovation that cloud ecosystems can deliver. 

“This latest research highlights how far CSPs have come in accepting that cloud and related monetisation technologies can help them better keep pace with demands of consumers and enterprises in a new 5G era,” says Marc Price, CTO of MATRIXX Software. “However, there is a lot of work remaining for telcos aspiring to transition into ‘techcos’ positioned for next-generation services.”

“A key finding,” Price continues, “is nearly 40% of respondents acknowledge that additional work is needed to reduce BSS complexities and maximise monetisation potential. Evolution to the cloud must be paired with new solutions that are both suited to this environment and designed to create new associated revenue streams. This focus remains critical for telcos to effectively compete and win with shifting consumer and enterprise demands.”

The research revealed high interest in emerging business models such as B2B2X. CSPs place significant value on real-time, contextual data that can enable these emerging models, such as performance analytics and deeper insights into service experience, mobility and user equipment (UE) behaviour. Other areas of importance for cloud monetisation strategies include embedded AI and automation, real-time performance, edge, ultra-low latency and marketplace commerce.

“We are pleased to partner with MATRIXX Software on the ‘Monetising the Cloud-Based Network’ research,” says Don Tirsell, head of global partnerships and business development, Google Cloud. “One of the key takeaways from this research is how CSPs measure value from their 5G investments at every level, both externally and internally. This perceived value of network and operations optimisation, customer experience and network security offers a compelling reason to overcome barriers to implementation, including corporate governance, organisational restructuring, and budget reevaluation and reallocation. Together, MATRIXX Software and Google Cloud are working to guide organisations through their cloud progression and 5G implementation process.”

MATRIXX partners with Google Cloud to deploy its cloud native Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing VMs. With this public cloud-based IT infrastructure, CSPs can achieve cost, scalability and performance benefits while delivering 5G monetisation for consumer and enterprise services. Download the “Monetising the Cloud-Based Network” white paper here.

To learn more about MATRIXX DCP on Google Cloud, visit here.

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