‘Social media to drive movement against corruption’

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut are emerging as an important tool to drive movement against corruption and bring positive change in the society, a survey has revealed.

In a nationwide survey conducted amongst the youth of India, nearly 76 percent of youth believe that social media empowers them to bring change to the world we live in.

They are convinced that causes for women and movements against corruption can be driven through this medium that is now growing as a source for information. In fact, as many as 28 percent source information from social media sites whereas around 54 percent prefer a mix of print, television and social media.

The youth does not believe in symbolism as about 70 percent believe that ground realities cannot change by merely being part of a group. A lot more on ground is needed, they have inferred.

The survey, ‘Youth in the day and age of Social Media’, conducted by India Biz News and Research Services, a non profit organisation, amongst 1,200 people between the age bracket 18-35, clearly shows a trend in which the youth feel empowered by the ability to express themselves and make their own choices.

The respondents indicated that while they primarily engage in this space to connect with peers and garner information, they feel that they almost equally influence consumer choice (28 percent), human rights and social change (27 percent), politics and policy making (24 percent) and corporate governance (21 percent).

Anti-corruption has emerged as the most prominent social cause endorsed by 32 percent of the respondents. If one takes issues such as protection of the girl child and violence against women, 35 percent of the youth saw it as a significant issue to voice their opinion on and take up as a social cause for change.

Interestingly, Communications Minister Kapil Sibal had recently created a furore in the online world by saying the government would take steps to screen and eliminate “objectionable” content on social networking sites.

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