Satcube’s satellite terminals provide critical communications in Turkey and Ukraine to major media agencies and NGOs – SatNews

The portable Satcube Ku enables users to create an easy-to-use Wi-Fi hotspot in just a minute to execute critical on-the-spot work assignments. The intuitive user interface enables you to get connected to high-speed satellite broadband in just a minute.

Satcube, a fast-growing European technology company that develops lightweight, portable terminals to provide critical satellite broadband, confirms it is providing its Satcube Ku terminals to the biggest media brands and NGO’s on the ground in Turkey and Ukraine. The terminals are used to enable the UN, Red Cross (ICRC), ITV, CBS News, NBC, and government agencies alike in earthquake hit Turkey and war-stricken Ukraine to provide portable, mission critical communication.

Currently Satcube has ten active projects in Ukraine alone, including media houses CBS News, ABC News, ITV News, Norwegian Television NRK and Danish TV channel TV2, plus International Red Cross Geneva, UNHCR and the US and European Governments.

Satcube Ku 950 Secure is highly suitable for wide range of users, such as broadcast media, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organizations, telemedicine, NGOs, corporate executives and more.
Satcube Ku 950 enables enhanced performance, efficiency and security with FIPS140-2 Level 3 certification and supports both one-way and two-way TRANSEC to enable mission-critical communications.

The portable satellite terminals are helping to save lives by enabling seamless broadband in disaster zones and hard-to-reach locations with on-the-spot satellite connectivity. Satcube’s rental service is also furnishing a rapid-deployment option for high-profile organizations on the go, such as NBC News. Satellite connectivity enables journalists in the field to deliver breaking news regardless of the situation.

“Satcube is where it happens,” confirms Robert Mellberg,  Chief Commercial Officer & Partner,  Satcube. “From the war in Ukraine, to disaster relief in Turkey and more, Satcube terminals are employed by renowned, global organizations, using our robust terminals and antenna technology to enable critical communication to furnish mission-critical connectivity.

Satcube terminals are able to provide satellite broadband almost anywhere on Earth with connectivity from strategic partner, Intelsat’s Flex Moveon Intelsat EpicNG  satellites. A rapidly expanding European developer and supplier, Satcube achieved an impressive 250% increase in revenue from 2021 to 2022. A highly attractive growth company, Satcube has recruited approximately two new employees per month over the last 12 months.

Satellite 2023 Conference & Expo, March 14th-16th in D.C.Satcube will be on-site at the Satellite 2023 expo in Washington. Satcube stand: Exhibit Hall A & B — 1760.

Satellite connectivity enables journalists in the field to deliver breaking news regardless of the situation. Click the link to see how Richard Gaisford and his team from ITV have been empowered to deliver news from Ukraine with the support of the Satcube Ku. 

Satcube’s unique sourcing strategy and local production in Sweden supports forward-thinking, corporate social responsibility.  Automated, local production in Sweden enables Satcube to realize a cost-efficient and reliable supply chain. In addition, employing innovative antenna design enables the world’s most compact in size, weight, and energy efficient terminals, for lowest total cost of ownership. Satcube’s Nordic design is a keystone for authentic identity. 

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