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A donation of stationery and laptops to Servol Ltd was made recently by Helping Hands, Sagicor Group corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.

The four-month partnership also saw the insurer donate food hampers to vulnerable members of their community, conduct a financial management seminar at their Advance Skills Training Centre in La Romaine, as well technology upgrades to each of the centres.

Keisha Humphrey-Mayers, communications, and Group CSR manager said Helping Hands is intended to be an annual initiative.

“We had a very successful launch last September where we saw the submission of over 250 applications from various charities across the region during the nomination period. The pandemic has shown that there’s a heightened need for corporate support, and we were very pleased to be able to lend our assistance in this way. It was an honour for us to work alongside the regional NGOs as we learned so much from them over the period,” Humphrey-Mayers noted.

The programme facilitated both tangible and intangible support for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that align with Sagicor’s core pillars of health, education, sport, and community and youth development.

Support of mission

Ian Gomes, technical director at Servol, said Sagicor has more than demonstrated its commitment to the support of our mission.

“They’ve proven true to their promise and have delivered what was expected and more. Our skilled instructors are satisfied with the progress. With training now completed and with the resources provided by Sagicor, they are now in the process of exploring avenues like centre-to-centre connectivity and limitless online teaching resources to determine how to utilise the information. This kind of progress has shown what’s possible and has started serious conversations about the integration of online learning models as part of Servol’s future,” Gomes outlined.

Servol is one of three NGOs across the Caribbean that benefited from the CSR initiative, including The Deaf Heart Project in Barbados, and Lake Health and Well-being in St Kitts and Nevis.

Servol is a community-based organisation that focuses on building the capacities of local communities to meet their needs through various human development programmes. The organisation focuses on early childhood care, life training development via its adolescent development programme, teacher training, education and skills training, and parent support via its Parent Outreach Programme.

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