Sadyr Japarov meets with all former presidents of Kyrgyzstan –

President Sadyr Japarov met with all former heads of state. He told about it on his Facebook page.

Spokesman for the president Erbol Sultanbaev said that Askar Akayev, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Roza Otunbayeva, Almazbek Atambayev, and Sooronbai Jeenbekov also took part in the meeting. The meeting took place on a neutral territory.

According to Sadyr Japarov, he sat down to talk with all the former heads of state for the sake of stability.

«In the era of globalization, only countries that strive for internal stability and national harmony develop and become powerful states. What is the state of those ancient Kyrgyz who created great empires and populated the Eurasian space? We are stuck in the corner of Central Asia because of the lack of unity, struggle for power. The question may arise what hinders our development, although we have become an independent country,» said Sadyr Japarov.

He noted that people are divided into north-south, into seven regions, they become supporters of this or that president, thereby the entire Kyrgyz people could be divided into seven parts.

«However, we must think about the future of the Kyrgyz people and not be divided into «Bakievsky», «Akaevsky», «Otunbaevsky», «Atambaevsky», «Jeenbekovsky», «Dakansashniky» (until their leaders are not united, the people will not unite either). I have long been burdened by the idea that if we unite all the presidents elected by the people, whose term ended sadly, then perhaps we will become the people united in one fist. There is a saying that «the remains of the Sultan are not desecrated!» Of course, the former presidents expressed their grievances and claims to each other. They admitted their mistakes. Most importantly, they forgave each other. I also told about my plans. My goal is to unite the supporters of the former presidents, unanimously develop the people and the country’s economy,» the president said.

The head of state added that each of the former presidents made mistakes, after which sad events occurred. During the time of Akayev, there were the Aksy events, the June events — during the Provisional Government, and the October events — under Jeenbekov, as a result of which the young guy Umut died. All these events are written in black letters in the history of the country.

Sadyr Japarov urged the people of Kyrgyzstan to unite.

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