Raychem RPG Marks 34 Years Of Success

Thriving as a joint venture company for the past 3 decades, Raychem RPG (P) Ltd recently marked a momentous milestone: its 34th Anniversary!

Raychem RPG (P), a joint venture started in 1989, is currently the longest-running joint venture. It commenced a long and arduous journey in achieving different milestones by catering to diverse business interests. It is a leading enabler of technology solutions for asset protection and loss reduction in the energy, oil, and gas segments. Also, it caters to multiple areas of Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Pharma, IT, and emerging innovation-led technology solutions. 

Raychem RPG has revolutionized the world of industry products. Another essential and distinguishing feature of the company is that they highly value their employees. They regard them as their most wholehearted supporters and are grateful for their significant contribution to the company’s success. Being one of the most employee-friendly organizations, the employees live the culture each day, in the most diversified way possible as being a part of the RPG group.

Looking back: How it evolved?
Over the past 34 years, the company has grown and expanded in huge ways while maintaining an employee-friendly work environment. The company has always believed in adopting an agile approach to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This has enabled them to lead the change and become a pioneer in smart products and technologies.

The company is proud to have built a culture of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has made significant progress in fulfilling its social responsibility commitments. They also work with non-governmental organizations helping them accomplish their financial objectives.

For several decades, the company has worked with the infrastructural segment of multiple business industries and offered a variety of engineering solutions for their systems and applications. The company is well-equipped to cater to customers across the country and has established itself as a leading name. Their manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra & Gujarat are adequately equipped with cutting-edge technology & capabilities. In total, they have 4 units across the country.

15th edition of ELECRAMA 2023
Being a leading player in the energy sector, Raychem RPG has been associated with ELECRAMA for quite a long time. The largest standalone event in the electrical and allied equipment business and the largest T&D show globally, ELECRAMA is the premier exposition of the Indian electrical industry ecosystem.

Committed to powering and digitizing the economy, the company showcased its state-of-the-art technologies across its portfolio such as LV to EHV solutions in cable management & protection, connectors and terminals, electrical safety products, specialized covered conductors, transformers, built-to-print, and gas metering solutions.

ELECRAMA exhibition gives participating companies access to a public forum where they can network with other companies, speak to leading experts in their industry, and interact directly with customers.

Raychem RPG showcased its digital solutions alongside traditional products on both physical and virtual platforms in the ELECRAMA exhibition. It exhibited its products in the most engaging way. Their stall demonstrated the technological prowess and the cutting-edge solutions its product offers.

34 years of innovation
Apart from constantly learning and incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovation in their products and services, they also owe their success to their employees and customers.

Raychem RPG’s 3-tier focus on Incremental, Substantial, and Breakthrough innovation has powered the company to deliver world-class solutions to date. Besides, the company is committed to providing its clientele with sustainable, trustworthy, end-to-end solutions.

The uniqueness of Raychem RPG stems from its diversity. The company has diverse shareholders, various products and technology, diverse customers, diverse geography, and diverse, effective market strategies. This is the critical element that distinguishes the company from its competitors.

The future of Raychem RPG looks bright as the Indian government’s support for “Atmanirbharta” increases. Besides, Raychem RPG’s manufacturing strength, available at the best possible costs, will help the company cater to the world’s search for alternative supply chains.

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