Margondanahalli lake restored, open for public use

Bengaluru: The project for Margondanahalli Lake in Bengaluru’s Electronic City has been completed by JSW Group. The restored lake was handed over to the public by PK Murugan, President of JSW Steel Vijayanagar & Salem Works, and Ashwini Saxena, CEO of JSW Foundation. In 2021, Anand Malligavad of the Malligavad Foundation came up with the idea for the Margondanahalli Lake Rehabilitation project.

During the next few years, JSW Foundation is committed to maintaining the recently repaired Lake Margondanahalli. By utilising locally accessible natural resources, the Margondanahalli Lake has been brought back to life in an environmentally sustainable manner with a minimal carbon imprint.

Across the lake, ten floating wetlands were constructed using more than 12,000 canna and vetiver plants. By absorbing toxins and pollutants, the roots of these plants serve as natural purifiers, keeping the water naturally clean, colourless and odorless. More than 4,500 saplings were planted all around the lake by the locals as part of the rehabilitation initiative.

“Natural, ecological restorative approaches have our utmost support. Margondanahalli Lake was restored using an ecological method rather than using contemporary building supplies like cement and concrete. In addition, the lake soil that was dredged was used to construct the boundary wall to guard against further contamination,” said Ashwini Saxena, CEO of JSW Foundation.

“Margondanahalli Lake’s rehabilitation is a modest step taken by our organisation as payment for all the help the State of Karnataka has provided to our organisation over the years. As part of our overall commitment to corporate social responsibility, we will also be announcing new community initiatives in Karnataka over the next few months,” said PKMurugan, President of JSW Steel Vijayanagar & Salem Works.

“The JSW Foundation teams have provided immense support in restoring the ecological balance of Margondanahalli Lake through this restoration effort. We believe that the local residents and people of Bengaluru will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this beautiful Lake,” said AnandMalligavad, Malligavad Foundation.

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