Guest Column: So, What’s Wrong With Healthcare, Part 1 | Opinion

Because of the complexity of the subject matter, this column will be broken up and published as a small series, placed in print over a number of sequential editions in The World.

They say, the one thing you can count on in life is change.  Often change is for the better, but unfortunately this is not always the case.  Over the last few decades many aspects of medicine have changed, a lot.  These changes have greatly affected you the patient, your doctors and the other health professionals who are trying their best to provide quality care for you.  How do you, as a patient, best navigate this new landscape?  The old system was so easy.  You’d make an appointment with your doctor, physically visit the office, and talk to him or her in person.  There was never a computer screen in the room.  Your doctor would actually see you, take the time to listen to you, physically examine you, formulate a diagnosis, tell you what he or she thought was wrong and treat your condition appropriately.  At that point you’d pay the doctor a reasonable fee for the services and you were out the door.  Interaction over. Probably 95% of all physician encounters could still be managed this simply.

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