GEG’s Multi-Pronged Support to Local SMEs

Four local SMEs share their stories of how their businesses have been elevated to the next level thanks to Galaxy Entertainment Group’s robust support.

its philosophy of “what is taken is to be used for the good of the community,”
Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has long been dedicated to giving back to the
local community and continues to support local small and medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs). Local procurement is one of the direct ways for GEG to
provide steadfast support for the growth of its key partners. Today, over 90%
of GEG’s total expenditure on goods and services comes from Macau enterprises
and SMEs.

addition to being the first concessionaire to launch an SME partnering program
back in 2015, GEG has also prioritised SMEs in business cooperation and
provided them with technical support and helped them strengthen and promote
their brands.

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Eye Brewery is one of the local SMEs that benefit from GEG’s “Large Businesses Leading
Small Businesses” business model.

approached us when we were still with the stall,” Crystal Kwok, Marketing
Director and one of the three founders of the company recalls how the cooperation
started. “They’ve been very supportive of us during our journey of strategising
a business, sharing ideas and facilitating our collaboration with other GEG
tenants,” Crystal continues. “For us start-ups, this kind of encouragement and
guidance is in some ways more important than money.”

GEG’s liaison, in 2021, the company launched their products in one of Macau’s
most popular bars – the Roadhouse Macau on the Broadway Food Street. Later, GEG
also brought the cooperation forward by including Funny Eye’s products in
several of its famous F&B outlets and bars in its flagship property Galaxy
Macau, as well as making the products available for guests of Galaxy Hotel via
butler services.

“One of the most significant benefits of collaborating with GEG is that it adds trust to our brand,” Crystal continues, “Following our cooperation with GEG, many of our clients think that the brand GEG works with must be trustworthy. This also helps a lot.” GEG’s support to the SMEs also covers companies that provide auxiliary services, such as Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E). Cyberbox-Chic, one of GEG’s long-standing SME partners, has already registered as an SME supplier with GEG in 2010, prior to the opening of Galaxy Macau.

Chuen Yiu, Managing Director of Cyberbox-Chic Industries Limited, recalled that
it was also GEG who initiated contact with his company.

was 2010 when GEG approached us and invited us as a local supplier to provide
some supply items, such as catering furniture products, catering facilities,
service equipment and public facilities. And we’ve been cooperating since then,
supplying custom-made FF&E mainly for F&B, such as cases for trolleys
and charging stations, amongst others,” Mr. Liu recalls.

with GEG has been a great benefit to our company in terms of our growth as
well,” Mr. Liu introduces, “Not only have we established a scientific and standardised
follow-up system, but we have also learnt a lot about new and innovative
management methods and systems, and the partnership has also raised our profile
and awareness in the industry, helping us to reach other business opportunities.
GEG was also very generous in recommending us to some potential customers. It’s
a very robust support to our development.”

started from a small office with only 4 employees and a small factory with 10
workers in the Mainland China. During the 12-year cooperation with GEG, the
company was able to move into a standard office and expand its company
structure. Currently, they have 8 professional employees and a factory with 230
workers in the Mainland China.

a family business to where we are today, thanks to the opportunities that GEG
has brought us along the way,” says Mr. Liu emotionally. “Being an SME, if we
didn’t have such a good customer as GEG, even if we had some innovations, we
might not have had such good results because if no one buys, there is no
circulation and no turnover.”

printing company Tipografia Fu Tat (Fu Tat) is another local SME that has grown
and developed together with GEG since the very beginning. “We have been working
together since the opening of the StarWorld Hotel,” explains Fu Tat General
Manager Chan Wai Hong, “The StarWorld Hotel’s opening invitations were produced
by us.”

his company mainly producing in-room and front-office print collaterals for
GEG, such as letterheads, notes, and room card sleeves, Chan explains that the
high-quality requirements made by GEG propel his company to achieve greater
improvement and strive for excellence.

Cooperation with GEG has strengthened Fu Tat’s competitiveness and business growth, and their business has continued to grow. “GEG’s continued orders have helped us a lot. There were more requests for related information materials. We have also acquired new equipment to support our business operations over the years.” “Furthermore, GEG has been very punctual with every payment from the beginning to now, and only further ahead. That was really helpful for SMEs like us.”

Tat is not the only GEG vendor that has experienced this. Amy Chan, General
Manager of Macaufacture Medical Supplies, also made this point in her
conversation with us.

SME is not a very profitable business, and GEG knows that we have encountered
some situations in our operation, including rent and labour, so they are really
punctual in their payments.” Amy shared with us her experience. “This is very
important for us to recover our capital and maintain our business.”

Medical Supplies Ltd. was founded in 2020 and was the first Macau company to
produce masks locally. GEG identified Macaufacture Medical Supplies Ltd. in a business
matching session held by the Macau Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre in 2020
and has placed orders for facemasks with them since June 2021.

a large corporation, GEG has a strong demand for quality. The completion of GEG’s
quality orders has boosted our confidence. We have learned a lot from
collaborating with such a large enterprise, and the partnership with GEG has
led to orders from other companies as well. GEG’s support fully demonstrates
its commitment of corporate social responsibility and further proves its
constant support for our SMEs and ‘Made in Macau’ brands.”

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