CNY ang pow cheer for 3,000 senior citizens

KUALA LUMPUR: About 3,000 senior citizens from four old folks homes were yesterday given ang pow (red packets) and essential items for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.

Each of them received RM30, a pack of instant noodles, biscuits, mandarin oranges, instant coffee, and a bottle of medicated oil.

Teh En Lai, 74, said he is happy to receive the donation and would spend the money to buy some of his favourite food.

“I love eating biscuits with coffee, so the items I received would make my evenings more enjoyable,” he said.

A 70-year-old resident, who wants to be known as Aunty Lilian, said she woke up feeling excited to collect the goodies.

“I received a call from someone, saying I am eligible to collect some donations.

“I live near Jalan Chow Kit and took the Monorail to Imbi station to collect the donation. It has been a long time since I received any goodies and am so happy,”
she said.

The donation was made by STM Lottery Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd) as part of its 36th Sports Toto Chinese New Year Ang Pow Donation Campaign, which started yesterday.

The campaign, which would run for six days from Jan 12 to 17, would benefit over 19,000 senior citizens aged 60 and above who are in need. The campaign would be held in 48 towns and cities nationwide.

Sports Toto Berhad chairman Datuk Seri Robin Tan said it has been challenging for everyone during the pandemic.

“We managed to weather through Covid-19 and are entering the endemic phase now. Over the past two years, we had continued the campaign by donating to a total of 241 old folks homes. We are excited that senior citizens could join our public donation campaign,” he said.

The donation campaign was jointly launched by Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan and Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun.

“STM is doing a great job in celebrating CNY. It is a good campaign, which shows true Malaysian spirit of sharing wealth,” Khairul Firdaus said.

Fong said STM’s campaign can be emulated by other companies. “Providing donations each Chinese New Year for 36 years is something that should be praised. Congratulations, STM Lottery”.

Since the inception of the campaign in 1988, STM Lottery has contributed RM24.3 million, which benefited over 437,000 senior citizens.

The donation campaign is part of the Helping Hands programme, a corporate social responsibility initiative by STM Lottery to share, give and care for the community.

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