5th ‘French Weeks’ begins with photography exhibition

The 5th edition of ‘French Weeks’ began on Tuesday night and unlike the previous editions, this year it will be held for four weeks.

The edition was launched with the inauguration of a photography exhibition by Ania Grucan held at Bait Muzna. The documentary photographer and videographer’s ten-year project looks at the journey through the complexities of emotions and attachment to the past, as well as of engagement with picturesque and fast growing Omani nation. The exhibition will continue until March 21st.

Veronique Aulagnon, Ambassador of France to Oman said at the press conference held at the French Embassy that getting closer to the International Women’s Day, the first edition of Salon France – Oman will be conducted at the Residence of the French Embassy on March 5th titled Women in Arts going along with the tradition of the literary Salons dating back to the 16th century. She said, “The objectives of the first thematic discussion are to facilitate the exchange of ideas, the sharing of experiences on public policies of mutual interest, networking and mentoring and informal conversations while enjoying French gastronomy.”

On 6th of March a conference is to be held on Human Capital – ‘Women & Young People in Front’, which will see the participation of recognised leaders from Omani and French organisations share their best practices to promote a human – centred approach to the workplace, while conducting corporate social responsibility actions, in a larger way, on diversity and inclusion of women and youth as well as creativity and capacity of future leaders.

On March 6th Ania Gruca will be sharing her experiences, techniques and artistic vision behind her latest photographic exhibition. The conference will be held at the French – Omani Centre.

‘Taste of France ‘is to be held on 9th of March at 7 pm at the Residence of the French Embassy to enjoy the finest French cuisine prepared on stands by chefs from local establishments and taste the best culinary know-how in order to enjoy food in a lively music atmosphere.

There will be cultural collaborations this year, pointed out the Cultural Attache at the French Embassy, Alix Fade.

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World renowned French artist Saype will be creating ultra-realistic giant paintings in nature as part of the conference by the giant frescoes performer, where the public will get to experience the artist’s unique approach involving the use of biodegradable paint that he invented himself. This conference is to be held on 12th March at the French –Omani Centre and sees a collaboration with the Swiss Embassy to Oman.

French International School will be hosting on March 14th the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and that is 500 days before the opening of Paris 2024 Olympics. The French Embassy has invited Omani athletes and the Association of the Early Intervention to participate.

The gathering of Omani Alumni is to be held on 14th March at the Residence of the Embassy, where Omani alumni from French educational institutions have been invited to share experiences and gather to promote France as an academic destination.

The venue for the Photography exhibition, Capture the Invisible is Crowne Plaza and is to be held on March 15th showcasing creativity of amateur and professional photographers. They have been challenged with the theme “Capture the Invisible” in the Sultanate of Oman. The 10 best pictures will be on display.

Francophonie Festive Evening is yet another cultural evening that celebrates French speaking cultures with a variety of activities. A French short film festival with the participation of Francophone countries will be conducted as well. The event will also see a gourmet experience and the ‘Wall of Artistic Expression” is where guests can express themselves through art and leave their mark on the event to be held at French-Omani Centre.

March 21st will see the World Music Concert with the participation of Yousef Zayed and Erwan Hamonin the context of the French “Spring of Poets’ festival on the theme “Frontiers”. Breton Erwan Hamon and French Palestinian will combine their roots to offer a multicultural oud and flute performance entitled “Tamas Lier, When Brittany meets Palestine.” The musical delight will be held at the Residence of the French Embassy.

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