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SCA Sunset Launches TWO (2) more Radio Stations, The Improv Cafe’ & Tomorrowland Live!

SCA Sunset, the renowned broadcasting company, has exciting news for all music lovers out there! As part of its relentless efforts to provide an unmatched listening experience to its audience, SCA Sunset has recently launched not one but two new radio stations that cater to different music genres and preferences.

The Improv Cafe’ is the world’s first and only all-live jazz radio station that boasts a unique concept of playing only live versions of every track featured on air.

That’s right! You will get to enjoy some of the most amazing jazz performances by world-renowned artists, and each track will be a live version.

The Improv Cafe has established an array of four (4) remarkable radio programs, each offering an extraordinary experience to its listeners. Commencing every Friday night, seize the opportunity to transport yourself to an era of pizazz and extravagance, with the amazing ‘Swing with the Big Bands’ show. Come Sunday, embrace ‘Singing with Swing’ and allow yourself to be serenaded with an abundance of soulful melodies and voice modulation. Meanwhile, Tuesdays have never been more exciting than with ‘Live at The Village Vanguard’, an amazing radio program that presents a live recording from one of the most unconventional and famous jazz clubs in New York City. And last but not least, The Improv Cafe ends every week on a high note, with ‘Live at the Blue Note’, offering you a fantastic experience brimming with unbelievable rhythm and exceptional artistry! So, tune in every Wednesday night and let the captivating atmosphere of the Blue Note take control of your senses!

Tomorrowland Live is another fantastic addition to SCA Sunset’s radio portfolio, which features live sets and tracks from the famous Tomorrowland Music Festivals that have amazed music fans globally over the years. Tune in to experience a diverse collection of live performances and relive the magic of previous Tomorrowland editions.

During the weekends at Tomorrowland Live, you can enjoy full sets from some of the incredible artists that have graced the festival’s stages over the years. This means that you can experience the energy and vibe of past festivals, right from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great opportunity to relive some of your favorite moments or discover new artists that you might not have had the chance to see before. With so many incredible DJs and musicians to choose from, you are sure to find something that will get you dancing and feeling the beat. So why not plan a weekend of epic music and good vibes with Tomorrowland Live?

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