Health Bulletin 17/August/2023


Here are the top health stories for the day:

Scissors accidentally left in woman’s stomach after caesarean delivery

Medical practitioners at Eluru’s government hospital conducted a cesarean section, but unfortunately, they inadvertently left surgical forceps inside the woman’s abdomen. This case of medical oversight became evident when the woman, who had been experiencing significant abdominal pain since the operation, received an ultrasound examination at a different medical facility.

Upon discovering the presence of scissors within the woman’s abdomen, doctors took corrective action through a subsequent surgical procedure to remove the foreign object. The Eluru district collector has expressed grave concern about this instance of medical negligence and has requested a detailed report from the district medical and health officer.

New code of medical ethics: 10 Key changes in pharma-doctor interactions

The new code of conduct is out, and have ordered a major crackdown on the unethical practices of some members of the medical fraternity on taking freebies and benefits from pharmaceuticals, medical devices and allied healthcare companies in lieu of indirect promotion of their products, including prescriptions. While the major feature of the guidelines has been a blanket direction to doctors to prescribe generic names, there has been a separate clause dedicated to engagement with pharma, commercial healthcare establishments, medical device companies, or corporate hospitals.

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Pharma-Doctor Interactions: What Has Changed In The New Code Of Medical Ethics? 10 Important Takeaways

Time schedule for medical courses mandatory and binding on all, no dilution is permissible: Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court recently observed that the time schedule and its sanctity to medical courses have unequivocally been held to be mandatory and binding on all concerned and no dilution is permissible in this regard, without any justifiable reason.

“Undoubtedly, medical education requires facilities and infrastructure of the highest standard as also the adherence to the time schedule for imparting premier education to candidates, thereby ensuring that the community receives the best possible medical practitioners,” further observed the HC bench comprising Justice Purushaindra Kumar Kaurav.

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Time Schedule For Medical Courses Mandatory And Binding On All, No Dilution Is Permissible: Delhi HC

Unichem Labs: Dr Prakash Amrut Mody resigns as Managing Director, Pabitrakumar Kalipada Bhattacharyya takes charge

Through a recent BSE filing, UnichemThrough a recent BSE filing, Unichem Labs has informed that Dr Prakash Amrut Mody, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company has stepped down from the role of Managing Director of the company with the charge now being handed over to Pabitrakumar Kalipada Bhattacharyya.

As per the filing Dr Prakash Amrut Mody, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company has resigned from the post and has been re-designated as a Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director, Chairman of the Company with effect from the close of the business hours on August 9, 2023. Consequently, he shall also cease to be the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, and Member of the Stakeholders Relationship Committee.

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Unichem Labs: Dr Prakash Amrut Mody Resigns As Managing Director, Pabitrakumar Kalipada Bhattacharyya Takes Charge

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