PSE STAR Investor Day event starts today!


The PSE STAR Investor Day event is scheduled to begin this morning at 10 a.m. with opening remarks from the PSE’s President, Ramon Monzon. As the PSE tells it, STAR is a virtual event that “serves as a platform for select publicly listed companies to share their first half financial results, strategic initiatives and growth prospects.” Once Mr. Monzon gets things started, Bloomberg will give an economic outlook talk starting at 10:05 AM, and then at 10:20 we’re already starting to hear from the first company to present, DMCI Holdings. Each company will have one or more speakers (you can see the list here), and participants are able to ask questions of these speakers in advance when they register, and there will also be opportunities to ask questions during live question-and-answer sessions. The STAR event is spread out over two days, with DMCISM InvestmentsHaus TalkItalpinas Development, and ACEN presenting on Day 1, and GT Capital HoldingsEast West BankingGinebra San MiguelPuregold Price Club, and Integrated Microelectronics presenting on Day 2. You can register for the free event here.


MB bottom-line: I’m a huge proponent of anything that brings the investor closer to the center of the market, and this event is a great way for small-timers like us to get a better feel for what is happening at the corporate level, and for how these companies are thinking and reacting to the economic challenges of the day. It’s also a great way to practice a higher level of corporate accountability. Live Q&A is a precious resource. It gives regular investors a chance to ask hard-hitting questions of those who are in charge. I have a ton of respect for companies that participate, as anything that reduces the distance between those that run the companies and those that invest in those companies will help build a stronger investing culture and that will encourage the improving health of our market over time. If you attend any of the events, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Send any write-ups to me ([email protected]) and I’ll do a summary of reader feedback later in the week!



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