CPA launches ‘Consumer Friendly Establishments Initiative’


Muscat – The Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) of Oman has initiated the ‘Consumer Friendly Establishments Initiative’ with the objective of enhancing the quality and efficiency of services in the commercial, industrial, and economic sectors.

Key takeaways from the initiative include:

Promotion of Competition: The scheme promotes a competitive spirit among businesses, focusing on constant improvement in consumer services.

Consumer Complaint Reduction: By uplifting service standards, the initiative aims to diminish consumer grievances against these establishments.

Awareness Drive: The initiative will increase awareness regarding consumer rights, duties of service providers, and enhance the knowledge base of workers in the targeted sectors.

Sustainability and Strategy: There’s an emphasis on creating sustainable strategies tailored to consumer needs.

Phased Implementation: Initially targeting commercial establishments, the initiative will later evaluate industrial and service industries based on criteria like customer satisfaction and need fulfillment.

Evaluation Process: Establishments will undergo a thorough evaluation process including registration, analysis, and transparent result presentation, aiming to enhance consumer trust and corporate accountability.

Economic Benefits: Enhancing consumer trust is projected to bolster revenue and stimulate investment, with businesses benefiting from positive reputation through approved certificates and comprehensive sector reports.

Strategic Plan: This initiative is part of CPA’s tenth strategic plan, aligned with Oman Vision 2040, focusing on optimizing services in various sectors in line with Oman’s prevailing laws and regulations.

Continuous Improvement: Feedback, both positive and negative, will be continuously assessed to refine and elevate the quality of services rendered.

In essence, the initiative aims to foster a consumer-centric business environment, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and service excellence in Oman’s commercial landscape.

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