Planet Bharat OTT: Planet Marathi Group and Vistas Media


Planet Marathi Group has joined hands with Vistas Media to launch an OTT platform called ‘Planet Bharat’, the company announced on Monday. The platform will be launched in November this year.

The OTT app will be home to feature films, series, music, infotainment, non-fiction, social gaming, wallets and will use various technologies like AI-powered personalization and voice commands.

It will showcase high-quality local language content across a diverse range of formats, languages, dialects and genres, said the company.

Planet Bharat will address the need for hyperlocal content across multiple languages as it aims to produce, license and deliver meaningful content and promote content as the ‘hero’, setting it apart from other OTTs in the market, according to the company.
“The name Planet Bharat symbolizes the local and global character of our nation, highlighting the honor of being truly Indian in a globalized world,” the company highlighted. “It is essential that we elevate the standards of creating and consuming Indian content. Our country is home to numerous languages, each possessing its own unique power and potential that remains largely untapped,” said Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder and CEO of Planet Marathi Group.He said, there is a significant void in exceptional content from India across languages, and Planet Bharat aims to bridge that gap. With the launch of Planet Bharat, we strive to create a unified one stop destination, where audiences across the globe can enjoy and embrace the diverse cultural heritage that India has to offer, he added.Planet Marathi already owns a Marathi OTT platform, Planet Marathi OTT which as delivered movies like Raanbaazaar, June and Chandramukhi.

“Planet Bharat aims to bring the whole nation together, wherein we will celebrate the diversity of our culture with a significant representation across segments,” said Abhayanand Singh, CEO of Vistas Media.

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