Data: UK has largest streaming library


Noting the growth of the Media and Entertainment industry in recent years, driven by the expansion of streaming platforms, their catalogues, plans and revenue models, data science company BB Media and trade body DEG International have compiled the International Digital Entertainment report that outlines the industry’s evolution, penetration and value in different markets across the world, as well as the consumers’ engagement and preferences.

As for the largest library, the United Kingdom takes the lead (229K) followed by Japan (202K) and South Korea (198K), with Italy (183K) and Brazil (171K) in fourth and fifth positions. The UK is also the country with the most announced titles in production in 2023 (27), most of which are intended for Netflix’s catalogue.

While most countries have a penetration rate of over 75 per cent  of viewers who watch content online, Brazil has a penetration rate of just 46 per cent. In LatAm in general, the level of online viewing is 47 per cent. However, on average, six different platforms are used to watch content, making it the region with the highest usage of platforms.

The report identifies the success of the advertising revenue model, particularly in North America where AVoD penetration is highest, with 75 per cent  in the US and Canada, while LatAm has a penetration of 37 per cent  and EMEA of 60 per cent. In APAC, where SVoD is the preferred way to watch for 82 per cent  of viewers, AVoD penetration is just 40 per cent, highlighting a strong preference in the market to pay for ad-free content. This does not align with the offer in these countries as it was found that in Japan and South Korea (the ones with the largest catalogue in the region) the predominant revenue model is the Transaction VoD.

“As we watch SpaceX create a paradigm shift in space exploration, one where innovators try faster and fail faster too, our industry is embarking on its own new era of experimentation,” declared Joe Braman, Co-Chair, Digital Entertainment Group International & SVP International Digital Account Management. “With the white heat of innovation all around us, the role for reports like this is to connect and channel that energy into valuable entertainment discoveries that benefit everyone.”’

“The Audiovisual Industry won in globalisation, developed in localisation, and achieves its greatest splendour in the globalisation of the local,” added Tom Gennari, CEO at BB Media. “This is only possible thanks to the collaboration of all companies that are part of this value chain. The work done by BASE [trade body British Association for Screen Entertainment] and DEGI is fundamental for this global and local interconnection to happen.”

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