Cannabis Conscious Consumers ‘Have To Vote With Their


Marijuana Matters (M2) founder Khadijah Tribble‘s recent appearance at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami served as a platform for discussing the significance of the consumer’s role in shaping the cannabis industry.

When asked about how conscious consumers could best support and encourage sustainability and ethical, social, and governance (ESG) practices in the cannabis industry and request that in the products that they’re purchasing, Tribble’s response highlighted the potency of financial influence.

“Well, I think that consumers have to vote with their dollars. When they’re supporting brands like Wild and Wanna, they are saying that this matters to them. And investors and companies are paying attention, and they’re trying to emulate and or scale what those companies are doing,” said Tribble, who also served as vice president of corporate social responsibility at Curaleaf Holdings Inc CURLF.

Tribble’s statement underlines the undeniable connection between consumer choice and industrial transformation. The support for brands that prioritize sustainability is not just a statement of preference but an assertion of what matters to the consumers.

According to her, when consumers ‘vote with their dollars’, they effectively endorse these environmentally-friendly business practices, pushing the entire cannabis industry towards a more sustainable future. She also emphasized that this extends beyond mere ecological responsibility to also include ESG standards.

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