How Big Tech breeds disinformation — and how we take back


In our increasingly digital world, a small number of global corporations control social media platforms we rely on for daily communication.

Interestingly, these platforms were not necessarily designed with the primary goal of broadcasting accurate information. It’s hard to know what is true or false on your feed. And this situation has led to the rampant spread of disinformation worldwide.

Digital Action, a global campaigning organization, explains how disinformation is threatening democratic processes and exacerbating harms online and in real life.

WITNESS, a human rights entity, strives to address this pressing issue by enhancing media literacy, fostering collaboration, and advocating for corporate accountability. 

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With the vast majority of resources to combat disinformation allocated to North America and Europe, the organizations Digital Action and WITNESS are seeking to make a more global impact. Looking ahead, the goal is to build resilience in communities worldwide, enabling them to push back against disinformation and reinforce democracy.

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