That’s Lovely! Kinder Delice Now Bets On Ice Cream


Sweden is one of the countries with the highest consumption of chocolateHowever, in Mexico this sweet has had great growth throughout its history, where the state of Tabasco claims to have had income of 64 percent of the 28,452 tons of cocoa produced, while Chiapas and Guerrero contributed 35 percent and 1 percent, respectively, according to CEDRSSA.

A study reveals that the country with the highest sales of chocolates is Germany and Brazil and England, but the analysis also indicates that the Ivory Coast has the best product with 40 percent of world production, having large resources for the cultivation and export of cocoa.

Likewise, Profeco indicates that in Mexico the national production was 27 thousand tons, thanks to the that they had a greater harvest in the first and last quarter of the year, since the sweet is considered in our country as a treasure of the gods.

About Kinder Delice, this product has been recognized for its focus on quality and food safety, as the company has implemented rigorous quality control standards in their production process to ensure that their products meet the highest standards of freshness and flavor.

As a leader in the food industry, Ferrero has also shown a strong commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. They have implemented initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and promote ethical business practices.

On the other hand, users in TikTok revealed that Kinder Delice launched its new product, because now it will stop being an egg and cupcakeAfter its new commitment to ice cream, the brand seeks to attract more consumers through its flavor that makes it unique.

Other brands that have launched new products inspired by its flavor are: Carlos V with his palettes, Nesquik, Oreo, Crunch, Ferrero Rocher in Mexico and many more, which inject a touch of deliciousness to put them on sale in stores and supermarkets.

Until now, the prices of ice creams are unknown. Kinder Delice, however, in the video they mention that you can find the ice cream through stores like Oxxo, Walmart, Sam’s Club inside the refrigerators.

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