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The full sustainable footprint of a fashion brand includes the impact of its suppliers, and customers are increasingly paying attention to their vendors’ actions.

Recognizing this, technology and equipment company Lectra has been ramping up its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in recent years to better serve the industry with lower-impact options. This year, it is taking this a step further by making CSR a central part of its business model and revealing more about its sustainability initiatives publicly. In February, the firm expanded on its existing efforts by introducing new objectives for 2023 to 2025, which cover ethical standards, environmental responsibility, diversity and inclusion and skill development.

Now, Lectra is solidifying its longstanding commitment to sustainability by joining the UN Global Compact, a framework for corporate responsibility that protects human rights, supports labor, conserves the environment and opposes corruption. With this move, Lectra joins over 12,000 other companies in the charter, including Gap Inc., H&M and Uniqlo parent Fast Retailing. Becoming part of the Compact will open the door for idea exchange between Lectra and other companies that can advance sustainability. Joining this international agreement also lets Lectra’s customers know where it stands.

“Our CSR priorities are fully aligned with the requirements of the United Nations Global Compact regarding corruption, human rights, labor and the environment, and more broadly with several UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said Daniel Harari, chairman and CEO of Lectra. “Formalizing our commitment to reach these objectives was logically the next step.”

Lectra introduced an anti-corruption system in 2018, which includes a code of conduct that prohibits behavior such as bribery, a whistleblowing program and annual training on ethics. In its 50-year history, Lectra has not had any reports or complaints about unethical behavior.

In 2011, the firm established the Lectra Charter for Responsible Purchasing, which requires that Lectra, its suppliers and its vendors’ suppliers all comply with laws on human rights and labor, safety rules and environmental standards. By 2022, 98 percent of its industrial purchases were covered by this commitment, not including those for then newly acquired Gerber Technology. A new charter rolled out in 2023 adds Gerber’s suppliers, and Lectra aims to have 90 percent of its industrial suppliers covered by 2025.

Lectra’s CSR initiatives also include diversity and inclusion efforts within its own workforce as well as a “stimulating working culture.” As part of its 2023-25 commitment, Lectra has outlined benchmarks that include zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment and equal opportunity. The company also supports employee well-being through health and safety as well as work-life balance. Another pillar is talent development, both among its own team and beyond. Lectra is helping to prepare the next generations of workers so they are qualified candidates.

As part of its own sustainability commitment, Lectra develops offerings that reduce its customers’ impact. Although it also serves the automotive and home sectors, about half of Lectra’s turnover in 2022 came from fashion, making it a high priority. “Whether it is in the fashion, automotive or furniture industry, major transformations are underway, and we must continue to support them, both internally and with our customers, as responsibly and sustainably as possible,” said Harari.

An example of this innovation in action is cutting machines that save between 5 to 10 percent of materials. This has sustainable significance, since materials account for 90 percent of a cutting room’s lifecycle emissions.

Lectra also acquired a majority 51 percent stake in blockchain traceability platform TextileGenesis earlier this year, adding to its solutions that assist the industry in being more transparent and sustainable.

“CSR is a major focus for Lectra,” said Harari. “We are committed to always going the extra mile for our customers, our employees and the whole company, with an even more committed and clear policy. When presenting our new roadmap, we therefore made CSR a pillar of our strategy.”

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