How McDonald’s Grimace Became a Fast Food Icon


McDonald’s restaurants globally are celebrating the history and the birthday of one of their famed fast food icons, Grimace. Born of bizarre beginnings and the product of the imaginative world of McDonaldland, Grimace is perhaps one of the most memorable mascots to appear on television. After a nebulous status and scarce appearances in recent years, McDonald’s is celebrating Grimace in a big way but also seemingly neglecting how far the character has come from his offsetting origins.


Founded almost 70 years ago, McDonald’s became one of the famous faces of fast food. In 1963, McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald revolutionized TV advertising and shaped the restaurant’s identity with McDonaldland’s introduction. On TV, Ronald McDonald embarked on fantastical adventures that paved the way for other iconic characters like Chuck E. Cheese. And alongside colorful characters such as The Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac, Ronald McDonald successfully entertained audiences with his surreal escapades. Through appearances in popular advertisements and even a straight-to-VHS series titled The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, these characters became noted pop-culture icons as McDonald’s sought to redefine itself over the years. However, in June 2023, McDonald’s embarked on one of its strangest and most ambitious promotions to date by commemorating the birthday of Ronald’s friend Grimace, marking a memorable milestone in the brand’s history.

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The Bizarre History of Grimace

The Professor, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar and Captain Crook from McDonaldland 1986

Grimace is a character many recognize, but some don’t seem to know all that well. As sweet as a McDonald’s milkshake, Grimace made his name by being at Ronald McDonald’s side and along for his many adventures. However, Grimace has a history dating back over 50 years, and past McDonald’s ad campaigns don’t always paint him in the best light. However, whether delightfully jolly or downright evil, Grimace’s complex past, which includes both his positive and negative portrayals, has played a defining role in shaping him as a character and contributing to the identity of the McDonald’s brand.

If audiences today were watching McDonaldland commercials in the early ’70s, they might be confused by a four-armed milkshake-stealing monster known as “the Evil Grimace.” However, despite his role as a villain, this Grimace is the same purple creature who’d later become Ronald McDonald’s beloved companion. Over the years, Grimace evolved, becoming less frightening and adopting a softer and friendlier appearance. This evolution also brought along an origin story and introduced new characters, such as his Irish Shamrock Shake-loving Uncle O’Grimacey and aunts Millie and Tillie. The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald later revealed that Grimace belongs to a tribe from an isolated landmass similar to DC’s Paradise Island, known for their peaceful disposition, good manners and timid demeanor. However, the true nature of Grimace remains a subject of debate. McDonald’s has provided various explanations, and while many people have come to accept him as the personification of a tastebud, above all else, Grimace is Ronald McDonald’s loyal “Taste Bud,” as he accompanies Ronald on countless adventures, both within McDonaldland and beyond.

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Why Grimace’s Birthday Is a Reason to Celebrate

Grimace's Birthday in 1995

In 2016, due to pressure from places like Corporate Accountability International over health concerns, advertising practices and sightings of creepy clowns, the McDonaldland characters were officially retired. Although occasionally popping up for merchandising opportunities and for the sake of nostalgia, Grimace’s birthday celebration is the biggest comeback the McDonaldland brand has seen. Featuring a new Gameboy color-emulated game, an advertising campaign and even a purple shake in honor of McDonald’s former four-armed dairy snatcher, it proves their past has been gone for quite a while but not truly forgotten.

Whether good, bad or somewhere in between, the past doesn’t have to define a brand but does shape it. McDonald’s past mascots (Grimace especially) have come a long way and proved there’s plenty to celebrate. Grimace’s birthday is more than just nostalgia — it’s an acknowledgment that things change, characters evolve, and it’s not always negative as audiences grow up alongside them.

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