Report: BMC is committed to DEI, ESG and social


Global software leader BMC has released its annual Corporate Citizenship and ESG Impact Report. 

The 2023 report outlines the company’s ESG strategy, which includes reducing its carbon footprint, promoting DEI, improving products sustainably and inclusively, maintaining high ethical standards and supporting social causes.

BMC’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach is focused on three key pillars: the BMC Cares program, DEI and environmental stewardship. The pillars are all guided by ESG best practices for the software and services industry and are grounded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

“Being a socially responsible organisation creates an opportunity and expectation for each of us to make the right decisions to collectively impact climate change, diversity and inclusion, and make the world a better place,” said Ayman Sayed, President and CEO of BMC. “Throughout our history, BMC has been committed to reshaping the business landscape to be more inclusive and play an active role in global issues and opportunities. Our people are inspired to pursue excellence and at the same time, focus on doing good in the world. We believe the Autonomous Digital Enterprise includes everyone.”

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