Fluid politics and weak conservatives: this is how


Woke politics and ideology, “if conservatives don’t wake up from their torpor we will have to succumb to progressive transhuman delirium”: the comment

In the political arena, right and left are born with the French Revolution in 1789. French philosopher Marchel Gauchet writes that “those who cared about the king and religion had placed themselves on the right of the president to escape the speeches, indecencies and shouts that took place on the opposite side, where the revolutionary component was”.

In the period of Restoration, in France and then in Europe, the right it was occupied by the counter-revolutionary Catholic monarchists, while on the opposite side there were those who intended to subvert the moral, social and political order, i.e. the anti-Catholic and anti-clerical Jacobins. In the 20th century, the left was represented by the social-communists, while the right by the royalists and fascists. There were more nuances, which included liberals and Catholics, according to historical circumstances. In the 21st century it no longer makes sense to speak of “left and right” because the ideologies that supported them are essentially dead.

In the 21st century we talk about conservative and patriotic positions for what was, historically, the right, and of progressive and globalist for what was the left. With the exception of the radical positions, which are not represented in Parliament, at least in Italy, globalization is accepted throughout the constitutional framework and everyone declares themselves liberal, liberal and libertarian.

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