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In the late 1980s, the Government of Pakistan extended an invitation to the corporate sector of the country, urging them to establish industrial units in the Gadoon Amazai area of District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The objective behind this initiative was to eliminate the widespread cultivation of poppy plants and provide an alternative source of employment. Recognizing this as a corporate social responsibility, the Yunus Brothers Group (YBG) actively participated in this noble endeavor by collaborating with the Government. In 1988, they laid the foundations of Gadoon Textile Mills Limited (GTML). Despite the Government withdrawing the incentives for setting up industrial units in 1991, GTML continued its operations.

GTML pursued a sustainable strategy guided by the principles of eradicating poverty and eliminating hunger. In line with this vision, the Company achieved further expansion and growth. It established an additional production facility in Karachi and subsequently merged with Fazal Textile Mills Limited (FTML). Through these unwavering efforts and dedication to society, GTML has emerged as one of the largest spinning units in Pakistan.

Our Business

GTML primarily engaged in the textile industry of Pakistan operates in the B2B segment. Involved in the fiber spinning and value-added sector markedly, its production facilities have the capacity of spinning and processing all categories of cotton and manmade fiber, including knitted bedding products.

Concerning our enormous business performance over the decades, we are dedicated to creating a clear-cut difference in the textile industry of Pakistan. The innovative and quality products coupled with ethical and professional standards have helped maintain a customer-centric portfolio, comprising some of the industry’s greatest names at home and abroad. These connections have been strengthening the fabric of relationships for the last thirty-four years.

After marking a strike within the textile industry, the Company also operates in the dairy segment where the prime business is the production and sale of milk with a current herd size of over 1,300 animals.


To be the textile manufacturer of the first choice for customers at home and abroad, doggedly pursuing sustained leadership in the markets where it competes and making its valuable contribution to the Country’s exports.


Our mission is to manage a textile business entity aimed at producing quality yarns through innovative technology and effective resource management, maintaining high ethical and professional standards, and coming up to the expectations of all our customers. We persevere to achieve the highest possible operating efficiencies and lowest costs and expand the business through selective expansion so that we are able to deliver maximum value to stakeholders.

CSR and Sustainability

GTML, a well-known entity in the spinning industry, understands the importance of its mission and its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability within society. Through its CSR programs, the Company has strengthened its vision of supporting and assisting vulnerable and marginalized communities. Simultaneously, GTML strives to uphold the highest standards of business and operational procedures, aligning itself with globally recognized benchmarks. The Company’s management actively seeks opportunities to explore and collaborate with government entities and local organizations, aiming to contribute to the creation of a sustainable planet for everyone.

Enabling Innovation

To remain competitive at the national and international levels, the Company regularly invests in new technologically advanced state-of-the-art machinery. The purpose of the investment is to reduce the cost of production by achieving operational efficiencies and serving customers better in terms of quality and supplementary services.

Future Outlook

We take pride in establishing and promoting a strong presence of sustainability and corporate social responsibility within our industry. We achieve this by elevating our project execution, adopting a strategic approach, upholding ethical values, embracing technological advancements, and maintaining a strong financial position. Our unwavering commitment to our vision drives us to be the preferred choice for both local and international customers. We are dedicated to expanding our business by staying abreast of market trends and effectively exploring untapped markets, ensuring our global reach remains vibrant in the years to come.

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