90 Best Topics for Coursework


90 Best Topics for Coursework

Choosing a topic for coursework can be a challenging task. You need to consider multiple aspects, including the topics discussed in class and your personal interests. No wonder students often look for inspiration online. In this article, you will find coursework topics on multiple disciplines to decide what subject you want to explore in your paper.


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General Coursework Topics

  1. The impact of social media on building relationships with others.
  2. Artificial intelligence and its ethical implications.
  3. The ways technology influences education: is it helping or hurting the studying process?
  4. Media and its effect on self-esteem.
  5. Climate change and its impact on global ecosystems and human societies.
  6. The ethics behind genetic engineering and gene editing.
  7. Globalization and its effects on local economies.
  8. National security versus individual privacy.
  9. Psychological and social implications of virtual reality.
  10. Online shopping and its influence on traditional retail businesses.
  11. How does socioeconomic status affect access to quality education?
  12. Advertising and its impact on consumer behavior.
  13. Strengths and weaknesses of renewable energy sources.
  14. Art and literature as cultural heritage of a country.
  15. The ethics behind animal testing.
  16. Social inequality and access to healthcare correlation.
  17. Gender equality in the workplace.
  18. The ethics behind human cloning and genetic modification.
  19. Automation and robotics: global change of employment prospects.
  20. The psychological impacts of video games on young brains.

Psychology Coursework Topics

  1. Early childhood experiences and their impact on personality development.
  2. How stress affects mental and physical health.
  3. Nature and nurture as the tools for shaping human behavior.
  4. The influence of social media on well-being.
  5. Psychology of addiction: causes and treatment options.
  6. Sleep and cognitive functioning correlation.
  7. Childhood trauma and its impact on long-term mental health outcomes.
  8. The psychology of decision-making.
  9. How does culture affect psychological processes and behavior?
  10. How to build social relationships with the help of empathy?
  11. Advertising and marketing: the psychology of persuasion.
  12. Parenting styles and how they impact child development.
  13. The psychological factors of eating disorders.
  14. Positive psychology and its role in enhancing well-being.
  15. The psychology of motivation.
  16. Technology and its impact on cognitive abilities and attention span.
  17. The psychology of memory: main processes’ analysis.
  18. The effects of mindfulness practices on mental health.
  19. The psychology of discrimination.
  20. Personality traits and their role in shaping career choice.

Marketing Coursework Topics

  1. Social media marketing impact on consumer behavior.
  2. Using storytelling in brand communication.
  3. Influencers and celebrity endorsements as marketing tools.
  4. Marketing to children: ethics and possible implications.
  5. Neuromarketing and its role in understanding consumer preferences.
  6. Personalized marketing strategies as an effective tool for engaging customers.
  7. Influencer marketing and its role in brand perception.
  8. Customer reviews and online ratings as the way of shaping consumer choices.
  9. Pricing strategies and their impacts on consumer perception.
  10. Data analytics and customer segmentation for marketing campaigns.
  11. International marketing strategies: how to effectively use cultural differences.
  12. Creating emotions in advertising: a way to control consumer behavior.
  13. The challenges of building brand loyalty.
  14. Packaging design as an essential part of brand image.
  15. Customer relationship management as a means for building long-term loyalty.
  16. Green marketing: a working strategy or just a PR tool?
  17. Gamification techniques in marketing.
  18. Experiential marketing and its impact on brand awareness.
  19. Brand ambassadors and their role in consumer perceptions.
  20. Data privacy and consumer tracking in digital marketing.

Science and Technology Coursework Topics

  1. The ethics behind genetic engineering.
  2. Artificial intelligence and its influence on various job markets.
  3. Nanotechnology in medicine: pros and cons.
  4. Renewable energy sources as a tool for climate change mitigation.
  5. Quantum computing and its role in data security.
  6. The ethics behind human enhancement technologies.
  7. Virtual reality and its impact on education.
  8. The implications of robotics for patient care.
  9. The role of 5G technology in modern society.
  10. Blockchain technology and its role in supply chain management.
  11. Gene therapy as a revolutionizing method of treating genetic disorders.
  12. Biotechnology and its role in food production.
  13. The advantages and disadvantages of autonomous vehicles.
  14. Machine learning algorithms and their role in data analysis.
  15. Climate change and how it impacts biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics.
  16. The prospect of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology in personalized medicine.
  17. Different ways of how bioinformatics impacts genomic data.
  18. Wearable technology and its effect on health monitoring and wellness.
  19. The ethics behind human-computer interaction and user privacy.
  20. The impact of emerging technologies on job eviction and workforce dynamics.

History Coursework Topics

  1. The grounds for World War I and its consequences.
  2. How did colonialism affect indigenous cultures?
  3. Suffrage movement and the fight for gender equality.
  4. The causes of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and its outcomes.
  5. Industrial Revolution and its consequences in terms of society and labor conditions.
  6. The fall of the Roman Empire: main reasons and consequences.
  7. The Cold War and its impact on European countries.
  8. The legacy of slavery worldwide.
  9. The circumstances of the beginning and results of the end of the French Revolution.
  10. The role of the Renaissance on art, science, and culture on cultural development.


Hopefully, now you know what to write about in your paper.


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