10 Companies Championing ESG on the SKS 250 Listing

Mindfulness of the environment, social factors and effective systems of governance is becoming ever more important in the modern world of business. 

All of the most successful organisations understand this, and great strides are being made in the direction of improved ESG every day. 

To celebrate this, Irwin Mitchell are sponsoring the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Award to be presented to a worthy winner at the SKS 250 private dinner and awards ceremony. 

We’ve put together a list 10 companies from the SKS 250 Listing who are driving this trend of striving for better ESG. 

10. Wates Group 

Not only is it at the top of the SKS 250 Listing, but the Wates Group has also committed itself to ‘changing its habits’ in hopes to achieve three major environmental milestones. Recognising the construction sector as a large contributor to carbon emissions and waste, Wates Group has set goals in the way of producing zero waste and zero carbon from its operations and creating Positive Nature Enhancements. 

9. OCS Group 

Protecting the environment alone isn’t always enough to promote the significance of ESG; OCS Group combines a mindfulness of environmentalism with considerations for social mobility and wellbeing. From minimising its footprint with a net zero commitment to creating careers for people and contributing to economies in communities across the globe, OCS Group is a leader of ESG on the SKS 250 listing. 

8. McLaren Group 

The automotive industry is perhaps one of the first to come to mind when considering ESG, particularly in the way of pollution and the environment. The McLaren Group is a stand out contender in the automotive world, and its commitment to contribution to STEM education campaigns, developing sustainable technologies and setting itself challenging corporate social responsibility goals sets it apart in the world of ESG. 

7. Fresca 

As a leading seller of fresh produce in the UK, Fresca values itself as a group with diversity, passion and personality that is consistently working for a greener future. With clear, strong ethics and long-held relationships in with its people and partners, Fresca is a resourceful group using innovative solutions in the way of ESG. 

6. RG Group 

The RG Group boasts an impressive portfolio, and with such an extensive list of clients and partners, corporate governance and appropriate social systems need to be a top priority. From being active in developing sustainable technologies that will transform the construction industry to driving change in closing the gender distribution gap in the sector, the RG Group works tirelessly to improve conditions for people all over the country and beyond. 

5. Osborne 

Supporting local communities and striving to have meaningful and impactful SMART objectives for ESG improvements, Osborne is driving change in creating a more sustainable and accountable world. By working closely with customers and employees to meet their needs, Osborne has made impressive steps in improving both the social and physical world around it. 

4. Cook Trading 

A renowned producer and distributor of ready meals, Cook Trading prides itself on being ‘all about the people’. It has been featured in the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list every year for the past decade, and it’s clear to see why. From company Away Days and keen wellbeing programmes to providing discounts for struggling social groups often gone unconsidered, Cook Trading is a successful SKS 250 business with ESG at the forefront of its mind. 

3. Martin Grant Homes 

A proud producer of ‘greener homes’, Martin Grant Homes has made clear commitments to reducing its footprint and going to great lengths to ensure its developments fit naturally with the environments around them. By taking a hard look at the energy efficiency of the materials it uses, Martin Grant Homes is a testament to all housebuilders looking to improve their business model in the way of ESG. 

2. Lovering Foods 

Lovering Foods’ mission is to provide high quality products that are ‘responsibly and ethically sourced with best-in-class service’. Dedication to using methods that are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible makes Lovering Foods an SKS 250 member worthy of recognition for its commitment to ESG. 

1. Radii Planet Group 

Based in Burgess Hill, Radii Planet Group understands that it has an opportunity to make a difference. Through its commitment to upholding its Economy and Waste Principles and dedication to strive for environmental sustainability, it stands out as a clear leader in promoting ESG on the SKS 250 listing. From these key values have come innovative solutions, such as the use of 100 per cent reusable and relocatable partitioning solutions that can withstand multiple redeployments throughout their lifecycle. 

We’re immensely proud to be able to use the SKS 250 Listing to acknowledge and celebrate companies such as these – particularly through the presentation of our awards. 

We’ll be presenting five awards to worthy member of the SKS 250 listing at a private dinner and awards ceremony at The RAC Club – Woodcote Park on the 29th of June 2023. 

All those featured on the listing are invited to attend this event and to put themselves forward to win any of the awards up for grabs on the night. 

Thank you again to Irwin Mitchell for sponsoring this listing and the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Award. 

More details about this event can be found here. 

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